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Georgia Straight & The Gulf Islands

Quite often the journey is as memorable as the destination, and the journey to Vancouver Island is no different. The main ferry route between Vancouver and Victoria crosses the Georgia Straight and enters Active Pass, showing off the beautiful coastlines that make up the Southern Gulf Islands, a trip that takes just under two hours. A trip through the Salish Sea, across the Georgia Straight and into the Gulf Islands on the ferry to Vancouver Island is an unforgettable experience.

The Salish Sea is the name given to the body of water that includes the Georgia Straight, the Juan de Fuca Straight and Puget Sound, bordered by the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and Vancouver Island. It is named after the Coast Salish indigenous people who lived here long before European Explorers arrived. It also marks the border between Canada and the United States, with the Gulf Islands on the Canadian side and the San Juan Islands in the US.

Most people travel by boat to Victoria, along the BC Ferries route between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay. The ferry route crosses the Georgia Straight and enters Active Pass (between Galliano and Mayne islands) which is the main route through the Islands before entering Haro Straight on route to Victoria.

The views of the gulf islands, the coastal forests and endless blue water is spectacular. I have made this journey many times, on my way to visit Vancouver Island and Victoria, so I have been lucky enough to take some amazing photos.

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway the Southern Gulf Islands are the destination of choice, and it is about as far off the grid that you can get. Each of the Gulf Islands are worthy of exploration, and each island has its own unique vibe.  You could spend a week  island hopping and BC Ferries has daily service to Salt Spring, Galiano, Mayne, Saturna and North Pender.

If you don’t have time to explore the islands individually the ferry is the best way to see them from afar. These are my favourite pictures from this epic journey.


Georgia Straight & The Gulf Islands:


3808491691_fc28656a4c_o (1)

Lighthouse. 2011. 


Queen of New Westminster. 2017.


Mount Baker. 2015.


Saturna Island Sunset. 2008.


Beautiful Sunset. 2018.


Ferry Ride. 2017.


Queen of Saanich Sunset. 2008.

dsc_8775 (1)

West Coast. 2015.


Golden Sunset. 2018.


Saturna Island Lamb Roast. 2008.


Marker. 2011.


Coastal Forest. 2011.


The Georgia Straight. 2016.


Leaving Active Pass. 2015.


Ferry Sunset. 2018.


Saturna Island. 2008.

dsc_7800 (1)

Coastal Cliffs. 2014.


imgp2132 (1)

Gulf Island fly-over. 2006.


Fishing Boat. 2009.

3808483253_6abe178356_o (1)

Active Pass. 2009.


Golden Sunset. 2018.


Pender Island Ferry Terminal. 2015.


Cargo Ship. 2006.


Sailboat. 2011.


Saturna Island Sunset. 2008.



West Coast. 2011.


Dark Skies. 2016.


Gulf Islands from Above. 2006.


Orange Fishing Boat. 2015.

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