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Most people visit Mexico for the beaches and resort towns that are located along the beautiful coastline of the country, so just to fit in, we would eventually find ourselves doing the same. Manzanillo is a little bit more “Mexican” than the resort towns I have visited in the past, and we were lucky enough to be staying with friends, so we got a more authentic picture of this part of Mexico. The scenery surrounding Manzanillo is spectacular, giving this coastal town a very unique vibe, and worthy of your attention.

We had spent the morning before watching the sunrise underneath the Colima Volcano, and our next destination was going to be the beach. From Colima City we drove towards the coast, leaving the volcanos and jungle-covered mountains behind, and arrived in Manzanillo in time for the sunset. Driving down the foothills to the flat coastal region was quite a beautiful drive. We stopped on the side of the road for fresh coconuts before reaching the main highway and winding our way along the coast towards the city.

Manzanillo Bay is home to many beautiful beaches, and if you go out of your way to explore the surrounding region, you can find some amazing untouched and stunning places to explore. Tourism is obviously a big draw for this city, but it is also home to the busiest port on the Pacific servicing the metropolis of Mexico City. We went for an amazing hike up to the Mirador de la Cruz, enjoyed a few different beaches and viewpoints, and got to experience some spectacular sunsets. Most importantly, we ate a lot of really amazing food. We did a lot in our short time here.

Anytime you get to visit good friends, it is an extra special experience, especially when they are excited to show you around the place that they live. The locals always know best. And this is a part of Mexico that not everyone gets to experience. The State of Colima is a hidden gem, and still off the radar for most visitors to Mexico. We did a little bit of everything; jungles, volcanos, and beaches. Colima has a lot to offer.





Manzanillo Bay. 2017.


Rugged Coastlines nearby Manzanillo. 2017.


Golden Sunset. 2017.


Hotel along the beachfront. 2017.


Skimboarders playing on the Beach. 2017.


Norma and her old dog Tabitha. 2017.


Red Sunset. 2017.


Palm Tree and Manzanillo Bay. 2017.


Beaches of Manzanillo. 2017.


Picture of a Sunset. 2017.


Crashing Waves. 2017.


The Pacific Ocean as viewed from the top of the Mirador del Cerro de la Cruz. 2017.


Hotels along the coast of Manzanillo. 2017.


Beautiful Manzanillo Sunset. 2017.


The industrial side of Manzanillo. 2017.


Beaches of Manzanillo. 2017.


Beaches of Manzanillo. 2017.


Beautiful Scenery. 2017.


Out for a hike up the mountain. 2017.


Manzanillo Harbour. 2017.


Peeking through the trees for a view of the city below. 2017.

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