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About us

About us

Hello there! Let us first introduce ourselves. We are Norma and Rob. Adventure specialists, world travelers, photographers and storytellers. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Two two of us met in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in 2016 and we have been exploring the world together ever since. Thank you for following our adventures around the galaxy.

Why Travel Around the Galaxy?

Travel Around the Galaxy was born as an idea in 2017 and became a reality in early 2018. We have been collecting our travel adventures and creating content for Travel Around the Galaxy ever since. So, why Travel Around the Galaxy? Well, it turns out we weren’t the first travelers to think about writing for a travel blog. Let’s just say we feel like we were a little bit late for a pretty great party.

By the time we got here, most of the really great names were taken, so we had to think outside the box. We decided that since we couldn’t travel around the world, we would travel around the galaxy instead. We would like to think we’re a little bit “out there” and our photography is out of this world!

Plus, we figure it gives us a head start on any space companies looking for travel writers to promote any new space hotels, moon bases or Mars colonies (Hello Elon Musk? We’ve heard that you’ve built a rocket).

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-20 at 11.09.27 AM
On Top of the World. Cusco. 2017

Work With Us

We would love the opportunity to work alongside similar minded travel companies, websites or brands. If you have any questions on how you can make this a reality, please contact us by either:

  • Please have a look at our Work With Us (coming soon) page for more information.

Who is Travel Around the Galaxy?

We are Norma and Rob.

Norma is from Mexico and Rob is from Canada. We are adventure specialists, world travelers, photographers and storytellers. Travel Around the Galaxy was born because we wanted to share our passion for travel and unique perspectives with the world.

The two of us have now traveled to 12 countries around the world together… We currently live (most of the year) together on Cozumel, a Caribbean island off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. In 2017, we traveled around Mexico and South America for two months, and when we returned from this trip, we decided to create Travel Around the Galaxy.

We are two photographers with a love of travel. Each of us have worked in the hospitality industry for many years. We love to travel, which is why we launched this website in 2018 to share our experiences with the world. Both of use have traveled around the world extensively and are looking forward to sharing what we have learned. `We have put our feet down on the soil of 38 different countries, and are looking forward to exploring as much of the world as we possibly can.

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter”.

— Izaak Walton

Who is Travel Around the Galaxy?

We love to travel and want to share that passion with the world. We’ve explored the jungles of the Yucatan in search of Mayan Ruins, hiked in both the Andes and Rocky Mountains, backpacked through the Colonial heartland of Central Mexico and much more. We’ve experienced so many highlights over the last three years and we have so much to tell you about.

We’re especially excited that you’ve even read this far. We hope you enjoy following the adventures of Norma and Rob as we Travel Around the Galaxy.


Norma looking fabulous on the east side of Cozumel. 2019.

… is originally from Tepechitlan (Zacatecas State) in Central Mexico. Norma has traveled to 12 countries on 3 continents and like many of us has fallen in love with travel. At the moment, she works in hotel hospitality, but her true passion is travel, photography and adventure.

Norma studied photography in Guadalajara and has lived abroad in Canada. She has lived on the Yucatan Peninsula for over 5 years now (Cancun, Playa del Carmen and now Cozumel).


… was born in Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada and has lived most of his life on the West Coast. His love of travel started back in 2000 and has taken over his life ever since. So far, he has been to 38 countries on 5 continents – with many more adventures planned.

When not traveling, he has worked primarily in restaurant hospitality over the last 10+ years. A self-taught photographer, his personal photography website can be found at

Rob enjoying the view in Cuzco. 2017.

Can you find us on social media?

You sure can, and we’re glad you asked…

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