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This is a pace for us to gather all of our thoughts in one place showcasing the best destinations from our adventures around the world. We’re not trying to be a guidebook, that is the job of professionals like Frommers and Lonely Planet (though, if you’re hiring, please drop us a line!). That doesn’t mean we won’t put our two cents in and offer up some of our best adventures & city guides as well as destinations we have an intimate knowledge of.

We definitely don’t like the concept of “top 10” or “the best” places to visit, mainly because everyone will have a different list based on their experiences and expectations. So we try to focus more on the “things we did” in order to give our opinion. Sometimes these lists will mimic the style (or content) of a proper best of, but sometimes it will just be our first-hand experiences. If we had 2 days in a city, it will include the things we did.

This page will be constantly evolving, as we decide which cities and adventures to focus on and, of course, as we explore new and old destinations, we will update our content to reflect this (such as with Mexico City, which we plan to return to soon) and will have an expansion added to each place. Stay tuned for more amazing destinations.

Anyways, here is our collection thus far. We hope you enjoy and can use these to help influence your next trip.

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New York is one of the most amazing cities in the world and there are many incredible things to do when you visit. It is impossible to see everything in a single trip, so the sooner you accept that fact, the easier time you will have planning your visit. You won’t see everything you want to. We recently visited the city for 4-days, and while we did as much as we could, the list of things we didn’t do is still much longer than the list of things we did. The best way to explore New York is to pick a few key neighborhoods that you want to focus on, and leave lots of time to improvise… continue reading

We have just returned from an incredible adventure into the Canadian Rockies, and we wanted to share our some of our best experiences. We traveled here in early-October, and winter had arrived early, so we went from autumn to winter overnight. Some days this meant clouds and fog, which meant a lot of our mountain views were blocked. On other days, the sun was shining and the scenery indescribable. The views of Lake Louise during these first days of winter was especially beautiful, with snow-capped trees and mountains surrounding the famous glacial lake… continue reading

The largest city in the Americas, Mexico City is not a place that you can see in 2 days; it has 16 different boroughs and is home to over 8 million in the city (and over of 21 in the greater Metropolitan area). There are so many unique parts of town worth exploring, so much art and history that dates back to the Aztecs and before. There is a lot to see in the Valley of Mexico. To truly get a sense of how big the city is, take a trip high above to the Torre de Latinoamericana, where you can see endless city stretching off in all directions. Fortuneately, we gave ourselves a full two and a half days, so we had enough time to see everything… continue reading

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