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March 2021 Wallpaper

March has a tendency to sneak up on us. Now we can finally begin to look forward to the prospect of spring and the warm weather it brings. Fortunately, February never sticks around long enough for it to wear out it’s welcome. Spring is almost here. Today we wanted to feature somewhere warm and humid, as a reminder to ourselves that winter isn’t all that bad. For our March 2021 desktop wallpaper we have chosen one from the top of a Pyramid at the Mayan Ruins of Palenque in Chiapas.

We hope that everyone is surviving 2021 so far and are ready for a world where travel is once again a thing we can look forward to. We remain optimistic. Winter will soon be over and the world will be reborn. During our time living on the Yucatan, we both fell in love with exploring Mayan Ruins. Many of these once dominant city-states are still shrouded in jungle. This means that the true scale and size hasn’t been realized. While some of these temples have been cleared of the jungle, others still have vines and tree trunks growing in and out of the bricks. It makes visiting these sites feel like you’re exploring them for the first time. The scale of some of these cities is beyond impressive. Palenque was near the top of both of our list of favourite ruins.

Once it is safe to travel again, a trip to Chiapas to see some of these ruins should be at the top of your bucket list. We promise they will not disappoint.

Goodbye Winter and hello Spring

It feels like we have been in the midst of winter for a over year. In many ways, this is probably true. With the events of 2020 blending into the early months of 2021, it feels like spring is long overdue. The days are getting longer and the warm weather feels like it is within our grasp.

Our collection of March wallpaper features always have lots of bright colour. We have previously shared a Manhattan Skyline sunset – taken from the top of the Rock – as well as the Punta Celarain lighthouse, located at Punta Sur park, which is our favourite spot to visit on Cozumel. Last year we shared one of our favourite pictures from Guanajuato City, in the colonial heartland of Mexico. Many of the beautiful buildings throughout the city were built after the silver boom. It is now one of the most colourful cities in Mexico, which was a photographers dream destination.

Alongside our picture from Palenque, we are sharing one of the most unique public art pieces from our 15 Incredible Public Art Pieces in Vancouver feature. These murals were painted onto the industrial silos of a cement plant on Granville Island, turning them into the “Giants”. There are six of these colourful figures, from the minds of Gustavo & Otávio Pandolfo, Brazilian twins who go by the artist name of OSGEMEOS.

Creating beautiful desktop wallpapers has been a monthly feature we created in 2019, showcasing pictures from some of the amazing places we have traveled over the last few years. We hope you enjoy our latest installment! Stay tuned for our April wallpaper coming up in a few weeks.

March 2021 Desktop Wallpaper

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March Wallpaper (2019, 2020)

March 2020 Wallpaper
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March 2019 Desktop Wallpaper

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