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Happy Canada Day, eh!

Travel Journal #19

Greetings to all of our followers, especially those of you up there in the Great White North. Sorry to bother you, but we just wanted a minute of your time. Today is Canada Day. Canada is a great big country, so it’s not always easy to find the things that bind us together. It’s mostly maple syrup, hockey, and beer. Another is Canada Day; one of the few things that Canada celebrates together. July 1st is the day that Canada peacefully gained independence from the British Empire, and we’re pretty happy about it, eh?

On July 1st. 1867, the British North America Act (today it is known as the Confederation Act) was signed. This document officially combined the 3 colonies of Canada into the first 4 provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. It was the day Canada became a single Dominion. There was no revolution or bloody battle, but instead, Canada became a country because we asked politely. Canada was taking the first steps towards becoming a country.

Slowly, more provinces signed up to be a part of Canada until one day it reached from coast to coast. It reaches from British Columbia (1871) to Newfoundland (1949). Along the way, Canada has earned its place on the world stage, helping out in two world wars and many peacekeeping missions around the world. Canada “officially” became its own country with the passing of the Constitution Act in 1982.

Oh, Canada!

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Norma & Rob at Peyto Lake. 2018.

So, what’s so great about (pronounced “aboot”) being a Canadian? Canada is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a coastline that touches three oceans, the great plains, and formidable mountain ranges. Canadians have free healthcare and plenty of room to spread out.

While the landscape is pretty great, its the people that live here that makes Canada… different. There is something special about Canadians, and today we wanted to raise our glass to all the Canadians out there drinking beer and getting excited for the hockey season to start in a few weeks.

The story of Canada is still being written. Canada is unique because we have such a diverse population of people from across the world. Canadians celebrate both what makes us different alongside what makes us the same. We’ve come a long way since 1867 when we began the process of breaking free from the British Empire.

Who are Canadians?

Canadians are known as friendly people who somehow cohabit alongside grizzly bears and live in Igloos. We all share this incredible country, filled with all these great people and surrounded by beautiful scenery. We’ve all come from different places at different times and now share this great land with everyone.

Crescent Beach, White Rock, BC. 2019.

The first inhabitants arrived in Canada more than 20,000 years ago, across the land bridge that once connected eastern Asia with North America. In Canada, these people became the First Nations, who tell the oral history of their ancestors. While they didn’t leave stone structures to share with the tourists, they have inhabited the lands for a long time.

The first Europeans to visit Canada were the Vikings, who likely arrived in around 1000 ad. They left remnants in Greenland and Newfoundland but did not remain for long. The first true European settlement of the Americas began in the 1600s. The local populations were pushed to the side as Europeans created colonies across the Americas.

This year, Canada Day falls on a Wednesday and we’re pretty certain many people across Canada will soon be sitting somewhere on a river, ocean, or lake drinking some cold ones with their buddies. This will be our first Canada Day together, and we’re looking forward to spending some time at the beach today, drinking a beer in honour of Canada! Cheers!

Canada Day jam sesh at Wreck Beach (Vancouver). 2007.

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