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An afternoon at Xpu-Ha Beach

Xpu-Ha is the picture perfect postcard beach, the type of destination that you would conjure up in your head while daydreaming of escaping to somewhere tropical. The blue skies, turquoise water, and a long stretch of white sand beach should be enough to make you think “I have arrived in paradise”. The Riviera Maya is known for amazing beaches, and Xpu-Ha is our top choice.

When we lived in Playa del Carmen, and this is the hidden spot we would go to enjoy the sunshine, and to escape the crowds of the city. Xpu-Ha is located just about halfway between Playa del Carmen and Tulum and is the best beach we have found on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico. It is usually pretty quiet. There are a few small beach clubs, where you can find the perfect beach chair and enjoy the views or rent kayaks and paddle boards to get out on the water. The water is warm and the views are incredible.

We have our own snorkel gear, and there is a small reef located just off the coast and is easy to access. On either side of the main cluster of buildings at Xpu-Ha, the beach stretches along the untouched coastline. If you walk a few minutes, you can have your very own beachfront spot, without any other people to distract from the views. This is what we usually do; find a quiet spot with a bit of shade from the trees, and set up camp for a few hours.

Xpu-Ha Beach Clubs. 2018.

The entrance fee is 50 pesos per person, paid at the main gate just off the highway. This wristband allows you to use the bathrooms at the clubs, and if you spend over 250 pesos at one of the bars, you can get your money back from the gate (before 5pm when they close). It is easy to access by collectivo (mini-bus), so its possible to pay the entrance and transportation here and back for less than 150 pesos (about $8 USD).

As we mentioned before, we usually just suck up the 50 peso charge, bring our own drinks and snacks, and find a quiet place to enjoy.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Xpu-Ha, you will quickly discover why it is our favourite beach; there is nowhere else that compares to the incredible views here. We now live on Cozumel, and we will still visit here every once and a while when we visit the mainland. If you want to see more from this destination, check out our photography post from Xpu-Ha Beach.

We hope you enjoy our latest video, “An afternoon at Xpu-Ha beach”, pieced together from one of our most recent visits, a few months ago. It features some of the beautiful beachfront and has an underwater view of the reef.

An afternoon at Xpu-Ha Beach:

Xpu-Ha beach is located only 25 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, this beautiful location has many things to keep you busy for an afternoon. One of our most highly recommended destinations on the Riviera Maya, Xpu-Ha is also one of the nicest beaches in Mexico, with crystal blue water and a long stretch of white sand beach.

There is a small reef accessible just off the coast for some amazing snorkeling. Stop for a snack at one of the beach clubs, where you can also rent kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkel gear. If you bring your snorkel gear, do what we do; once you arrive at the beach, take a short walk to the right (south) to find a private place to enjoy the sunshine. Without a doubt, this is one of our favourite beaches in Mexico.

An afternoon at Xpu-Ha Beach.

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