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Xpu-Ha Beach

Xpu-Ha beach is our beach of choice along the Riviera Maya. In fact, it might be one of our favourite places in the world. Surrounded by palm trees, white sand and crystal clear water made up of many shades of blue. This is the place you have day-dreams about when sitting at your desk on a Wednesday afternoon and start day-dreaming about escaping to a “tropical beach”. This is our happy place.

Located about 25 minutes south of Playa del Carmen – in the direction of Tulum – is where this perfect piece of beachside paradise exists. It is part of the famous Riviera Maya, stretching along the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, with the Caribbean Sea as it’s backdrop.This seemingly endless stretch of beautiful beach has a few little restaurants, a small hotel, and a place to go camping. There are areas to go snorkeling, swimming or just kick back with a beer and enjoy the beautiful coastline. You can rent jet-skies, paddle boards or when the wind is right a kitesurfing board. There is something for everyone.

We have been here countless times. We like to bring friends who visit us to this beach and show it off to the most important people in our lives like it’s part of our family. Every time we go, we bring our cameras and are lucky enough snap a few perfect photos.

It costs 50 pesos per person to use the beach, payable at the front entrance off the highway. Some of this is refundable (if you leave before 5pm) if you spend some money (200 pesos or so) at the restaurant, and the wristband allows you to use the restrooms at the restaurant even if you don’t choose to eat. Once you reach the beach, head to the right for a long stretch of uninhabited beach, which is where we like to hang out. To the immediate right of the restaurants is the best place to snorkel, with a small reef that is home to lots of small fish. We’ve even seen a sting-ray once!

Along the uninhabited beach, it’s possible to find a nice shady spot in the bushes, surrounded by palm trees. Or you can find a spot to put your blanket out on the beach and bask in the sunshine. Just remember to bring all your garbage with you! No-one is responsible for cleaning up away from the beach clubs, so bring a bag to clean up after yourself!

This place is unlike any other spot along the coastline, and it is the perfect place to spend an afternoon away from Playa del Carmen for some peace and quiet. From town, you can take a collectivo along the highway (the driver should know where Xpu-Ha is) and its another 10 minute walk along the dirt road to the beach.


Xpu-Ha Beach:


Xpu-Ha Sunrise. 2017.


Xpu-Ha beach clubs. 2018.


Snorkeling at Xpu-Ha. 2017.


Pelican hanging out at the Beach. 2018.


Crashing Waves. 2018. 


Norma and Rob enjoying the beach. 2017. 


Xpu-Ha Sunrise. 2017.


Underwater. 2017.


Boats and Clouds. 2018.


Far to the right of Xpu-Ha is an old dock. 2018. 


Xpu-Ha Beach. 2016.


So much blue. 2018.


Old Boat. 2017.


Amazing views of nature on the coastline. 2017.


Xpu-Ha Beach. 2018.

Xpu-Ha Parking Lot. 2017.

Old Dock. 2018.

Xpu-Ha Beach. 2016.

Taking Photographs of the crashing waves. 2018.

Dive bombing Pelican. 2017.

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