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Mount Robson Provincial Park

Located in British Columbia – Canada’s westernmost province – Mount Robson park borders Jasper National Park to the east. When we mapped out our route from Vancouver we chose this specific path to Jasper mostly because we would get to drive by Mount Robson, the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Spoiler alert – we did not get to see the 3954-meter tall peak, as the mountain was completely covered in clouds and fog. We still stopped to take in the “iconic view” at the west entrance; the only problem was that normally you can see a towering mountain behind it. 

Trying to see the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies was a bucket list item for both of us, and it seemed like a fitting stop on our road trip into the Rocky Mountains. With the clouds covering the mountain, we didn’t have many reasons to stay for too long, we got back on the road and continued east. We stopped at the visitors center and learned about some cool hikes and walks around the mountain, which based on the pictures, are some really neat views of Mount Robson.

When we first arrived through the west entrance to the Provincial Park we figured that clouds and fog would be the worst weather we would see, but as we drove east along highway 16 the weather made a drastic turn, and by the time we reached the eastern border with Jasper National Park, we were in a mini blizzard. 

You don’t always get lucky with the weather, and our visit to Mount Robson definitely fell under the category of the worst-case scenario. We hadn’t planned on doing much more than taking a few pictures and continuing on our way, so once the initial disappointment subsided, we quickly got back into the car and went in search of other beautiful mountains. Our next stop was Jasper National Park.

Mount Robson Provincial Park:

The “iconic” view of Mount Robson at the west entrance of the park. 2018.
A few hours later on the eastern Entrance to Mount Robson Park along Highway 16. 2018.
Yellowhead Monument at the Mount Robson Visitor Centers. 2018.
The Boundary between Mount Robson and Jasper Parks. 2018.
The incredible view of Mount Robson, the tallest mountain of the Canadian Rockies… is somewhere behind the clouds. 2018.
Mount Robson east entrance. 2018.
Portal Lake and winter wonderland between the entrances to Mount Robson and Jasper parks. 2018.
Western Entrance to Mount Robson Park along Highway 16. 2018.
Geology of the Rocky Mountains on display. 2018.
Portal Lake Winter wonderland. 2018.
Mount Robson was RIGHT there. We just couldn’t see it. 2018.
Not the best day for a picnic. 2018.
The entrance to Mount Robson Park. 2018.
Portal Lake. Goodby Autumn, hello winter. 2018.

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    • Of course we would have loved blue skies and warm weather for exploring more of the park, but our first blizzard of the trip was kind of fun too (from a certain point of view). The biggest regret, we didn’t get to see Mount Robson.

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