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Sunsets on Cozumel – vol. 1

Cozumel is a Caribbean island located about 30-km off the coast from Playa del Carmen, Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. Unlike the rest of the Riviera Maya, it is one of the few places you can watch the sunset over the water, something that we missed while living in Playa del Carmen. The crystal blue waters, vibrant colours in the clouds and peaceful surroundings keep bringing us back for more. These pictures speak for themselves.

We try to watch at least 1 or 2 sunsets from the water a week, and as a result, we have a growing collection of beautiful shots. We have found several great spots to hang out for sunset, including our favourite, Puerto Abrigo. It is such an incredible place to watch the sunset, and on many occasions, we bring our fancy cameras and have captured some spectacular scenes.

We got back to the island together 6-weeks ago and so far the sunsets have been amazing. Norma has lived here continuously since April and has seen too many great sunsets to count (Rob was in Canada this summer taking Fraser River Sunsets instead). We have so many great pictures collecting dust in the digital closet that need to be shared. We plan on capturing many more months of sunsets on the island, so stay tuned for more!

It really doesn’t feel like we need much more than an introduction than that; Cozumel is such a great place to watch the sunset. Enjoy.

Sunsets on Cozumel – vol. 1:


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Rainy Sunset on Cozumel. 2018.


Don’t forget to look behind you for rainbow Sunsets. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Puerto Abrigo on Cozumel. 2018.


The cruise ships usually leave at sunset on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Pirate Boat sunset on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Experimenting with long-exposure sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.


Sunsets on Cozumel. 2018.

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