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Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a legendary destination. It is an entertainment oasis in the middle of the desert centered around “The Strip”, the main boulevard where all of the action happens. This city is a machine that operates 24-hours a day, providing endless entertainment options for visitors. The first hotel was built along the strip in 1941, and the city has grown exponentially since then, creating a massive corridor of hotels lining the main street. It has always been a somewhat seedy place, built up with illegal money from mobsters, and has earned the nickname “Sin City”.

The city is always buzzing at all hours. Each hotel along the main strip is made to be its own unique destination, with a different theme for each building. It’s possible to see the Eifel Tower, Statue of Liberty, the Canals of Venice and an Egyptian Pyramid all in the same day. The old part of town is known as Freemont Street, has many of the original and classic hotel/casinos, and the street has been transformed into an entertainment zone, with a zip-line flying high above.

Las Vegas has a saying: “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”. For many reasons, it would be impossible to tell some of the best stories from my visits to the city. I have traveled to Las Vegas twice – both times for a wedding – and as a result, have had some pretty intense experiences visiting the city. The first trip was only 30 hours long and was a whirlwind adventure that went pretty much non-stop. It also included a pair of 5-hour drives from Salt Lake City due to a series of unfortunate events involving canceled flights and flying standby.

My second trip to Vegas was a little bit of a slower pace, and I was able to spend a few days after the wedding wandering around with my camera enjoying the scenery. The wedding ceremony was at the Neon Museum, a big yard outside of the main city filled with all the old signs that used to line the city. On this trip, I even rented a car and drove to The Grand Canyon and drove there and back on a long day trip.

Vegas has a little bit of everything to experience. There are hundreds of restaurants and bars worth visiting, an endless list of shows and concerts to take in, and many rides and attractions worth taking. It is known as a place to just cut loose and party, but there are plenty of fun things to do.

Las Vegas:


Garden Inside the Bellagio. 2015.


Freemont Street. 2015.


Lady Luck / Neon Museum. 2015.


Belaggio Fountain and Eifel Tower. 2015.


The Las Vegas Strip from the tarmac. 2015.


Lake Mead. 2015.


The Hoover Dam. 2015.


Elvis Wedding / Neon Museum. 2015.


Lake Mead. 2015.


Bellagio Fountain at Night. 2015.


El Cortez Hotel. 2015.


Sahara / Neon Museum. 2015.


Bellagio Indoor Garden. 2015.


Prime Rib. 2015.


New York, New York, Las Vegas. 2015.


Bellagio Fountain. 2015.


Cortez Hotel. 2015.


Glitter Gulch. 2015.


Welcome to Las Vegas. 2015.


Duck. 2015.


Golden Gate Hotel. 2015.


Old Signs / Neon Museum. 2015.

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