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Midtown Manhattan [nyc]

New York City is an exciting mass of energy which creates its own buzz, and this electric vibe is on full display in Midtown Manhattan. This broad area south of Central Park is home to the city’s second major financial district, many iconic buildings like the Chrysler and Empire State Building’s, Grand Central Station and the flashy billboard lined section of Broadway known as Times Square. Midtown Manhattan is the outgoing personality of New York that jumps out in front of the cameras seeking attention.

As a tourist, it’s actually quite difficult to not end up in Midtown Manhattan at some point during your trip to this remarkable city. This is the “As seen on TV” part of New York. It’s easy to wander along 5th Avenue, window shopping at some of the most expensive stores in the city. You can walk through the heart of the banking district, especially exciting at the end of the day when the streets flood with suits trying to navigate their way back home.

This is the heart of the entertainment district, with hundreds of LED billboards of Times Square lighting up the city. This is where you will find some of the best theatres both on and off-Broadway. Welcome to the tourist nexus of NYC.

What makes Midtown Manhattan so amazing?

There are many things in Midtown. The nearby Rockafeller Center here is where NBC Studios is located, and it’s possible to catch a showing of SNL or the Tonight Show here. The building is famous for it’s outdoor skating rink and massive Christmas Tree (if you’re able to visit in December). One can’t miss attractions to experience when visiting the city is to see Manhattan from above, and the Rock is one of your options.

Times Square. 2008.

The second time I visited New York, I decided to take a trip to the top of this tower, and the views from above just can’t be beaten. Below I have featured a few pictures from both the top of the Rockefeller Center and Empire State Buildings. The view of Manhattan from above puts the size of this city in perspective. The reason I especially like the top of the Rockefeller is that you get to take pictures of Central Park and the Empire State Building. Bonus points if you can make it at sunset.

There is so much to see in do in New York, and a trip to Midtown has to be one of them. If you’re like me, and like wandering a little further off the beaten track, then you won’t be in Midtown for too long, but it’s not something you should skip. Times Square is hectic and full of tourists, but its something you need to see with your own eyes.

Midtown Manhattan:

Grand Central Station. 2013.
The Chrysler Building. 2006.
Times Square. 2006.
Midtown Manhattan. 2019.
NYC Taxi. 2008.
Sunset over the Hudson River and the State of New Jersey. 2008.

Times Square. 2019.
Rainbow Room. 2006.
Street Vendor. 2006.
Times Square. 2019.
Grafitti. 2013.
St James Theatre. 2013.
Times Square. 2019.
Times Square Statue. 2006.
Times Square. 2019.
Empire State Building. 2008.
Times Square. 2019.
Times Square. 2019.
Grand Central Terminal. 2019.
Times Square. 2019.
Times Square. 2013.
Inside of the Cathedral. 2013.
Grand Central Station. 2008.
Times Square. 2019.
Times Square. 2019.
The Apple Store on 5th Avenue. 2008.
Hells Kitchen / Midtown Manhattan from above. 2006.
Grand Central Terminal. 2019.
Midtown Manhattan. 2008.
Rockefeller Center. 2019.
Midtown Manhattan. 2013.
Grand Central Clock. 2013.
5th Avenue. 2006.
St Patrick’s Cathedral. 2019.
Grand Central Terminal. 2019.
Rockefeller Center. 2008.
5th Avenue Subway. 2017.

5th Avenue. 2019.
St Partrick’s Cathedral on 5th Ave. 2019.
Midtown Manhattan construction. 2019.
Central Park from the Top of the Rock. 2008.
Midtown Tower. 2008.
Rockefeller Center. 2019.
Rockefeller Center. 2008.
Upper West Side and Central Park. 2008.
Empire State Sunset. 2013.
Manhattan Bridge. 2013.
Top of the Rockafeller Center. 2008.
Radio City Music Hall. 2006.
Top of the Rock Sunset. 2008.
Rockefeller Center. 2008.

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    • I’m sure it’s hard to appreciate when you have to travel to and from Midtown every day, but as a tourist, its a pretty exciting place to visit. I’ve been to NY a few times now and usually try to avoid the madness of Times Square.

  1. Nice,, thanks for the information. I will be in New York in 2 weeks time. It would be my first time, but Mickey has been there several times:)
    I am not sure what to see and do but he promises me a great dinner:)

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