NYC – Central Manhattan

The towering skyscrapers of Midtown and Downtown dominate the skyline of New York City. One might be mistaken to think that the area in-between had been left behind in the development of the city, but inside this patchwork of smaller neighborhoods exists some of the best culture to be found in New York. It is the heart and soul of Manhattan.

No two blocks are the same. Physically located roughly between 30th and Canal Streets, it comprises everything from art galleries in Chelsea, shopping in the West Village to Street Markets in Chinatown and Lower East Side dive bars. Central Manhattan captures the best of New York crammed into one.

There are so many unique areas here to explore. Two of my favourite Manhattan parks are located here – Washington Square and Union Square – and both are good places to begin exploring. Some of the best shops and restaurants are located here, as well as famous buildings like the Flatiron. There are trendy neighborhoods like the East Village and the Lower East Side with lots of fun bars and eateries. You can also go for a walk along the high line, an old elevated subway throughway that has been converted into a park/walking trail.

New York is best experienced by foot, and a day walking through Central Manhattan has to be on your itinerary. There is so much to see and do in this area, and most of the best things you will find are hidden gems. It is probably my favourite area to explore, and especially if you can get some inside info from locals or through online resources, you will discover some amazing experiences. New York has so much to offer, that you will struggle to see everything.

Union Square:


Union Square Crosswalk. 2012. 


Union Square. 2013.


Union Square Statue. 2013.


Washington Square:


Washington Square Park. 2013.


Washington Square Arch. 2006.


A homeless man in Washington Square Park. 2008.


Live Music in Washington Square. 2013.

Central Manhattan:


Empire State Building. 2008.


The Flatiron Building. 2008. 


The Bourgeois Pig. 2006.


Katz Deli. 2006.


Chelsea Market. 2013.


Empire State Building. 2008.


Lower East Side Sunrise. 2008.


New York City. 2008.


Flatiron Building. 2013.


Lower East Side Tap Room. 2008.


Lower East Side. 2008.


Chelsea Market Clock. 2013.


New York at Night. 2006.


Joe Strummer (The Clash) Memorial Grafitti. 2008. 


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