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August 2021 Wallpaper

Happy August everyone! If you ask me, this is peak summer. As a kid, August was the last month of vacation before going back to school in September. As the days start getting shorter, we need to appreciate the month ahead. We hope everyone has been taking full advantage of the warm weather and longer days. Get outdoors before the seasons change. We’re in the middle of summer and loving every minute of it. We have chosen something from the great outdoors to represent our Desktop Wallpaper for August this year, with a picture taken at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. One of the best-known tourist attractions in the United States, this one lives up to the hype.

We’ve been keeping busy the last few weeks, going on adventures and exploring the world around us. This means less time on the computer and more time out in the world. As a result, we haven’t had much time to post on the blog, but we’ve come back just in time to showcase our most recent desktop wallpaper. After not working for much of the last 18 months, we’re dusting off our work ethic and setting alarms on a regular basis. We’re switching focus towards new goals. The two of us both work in tourism and hospitality in the real world, and can’t wait for the borders to open and things to get back to normal.

We spent too much time locked down during the last year and a half, but instead of feeling trapped, we’ve enjoyed holding back like a spring ready to shoot us off towards the future. Without a doubt, we can’t wait to get back out there and explore the whole wide world. Great times lie ahead.

On the Road Again.

One year ago today, we were packing up what remained of our stuff into a small hatchback on the Caribbean island of Cozumel. This was in anticipation of our long adventure from Mexico to Canada. We spent many years living on the Riviera Maya we decided to make a semi-permanent move to Canada, where we have been for the last 10 months.

One thing we really love about these desktop wallpapers is that we get to go back in time and share pictures from destinations we love around the world.

In 2020, it was a picture of a soaring condor in Peru, taken high above the Colca Canyon, at a viewpoint known as the Cruz del Condor. This point is a few hour drive from Arequpia in Peru. We were super lucky and saw many condors flying above the canyon, which just happens to be one of the deepest canyons in the world at 3200 meters -almost twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. Shortly after this, we went for a 2 day trek towards the bottom of the canyon (and back up again). Visiting the Colca Canyon, Cruz del Condor and Arequpia was one of our favourite trips in Peru.

2019, it was Xpu-Ha, a white sand beach just south of Playa del Carmen that has a special place in our hearts. This was our favourite destination for an afternoon trip when we lived in Playa del Carmen. It was the place we went when were showing off Mexico to our friends and family when they visited us. The water here is warm, so its a perfect spot for swimming and even has a few hidden spots for snorkeling. Xpu-Ha Beach is the place we think about when we’re daydreaming about tropical beaches.

Grand Canyon

Today’s Desktop Wallpaper features the Grand Canyon, a destination that needs little introduction.

6 million people visit the canyon every year. It’s not actually the deepest or even the longest canyon in the world, this thing is pretty incredible. It stretches the imagination in ways you wouldn’t expect. The canyon is 446 kilometers (277 miles) long and has a depth of 1800 meters at one point. It shows thousands and thousands of years of geologic history in its layers. The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist destinations for good reason.

There are many ways to experience the Grand Canyon. You can visit one of the many famous viewpoints or go for a hike towards the shadows in the valley bottom. It’s possible to fly high above in a helicopter or travel by boat on the Colorado River below. In 2015, while attending a friend’s wedding in Las Vegas, i took a long drive to experience my first taste of the Grand Canyon. It does not disappoint.

We have been creating beautiful desktop wallpapers as a new monthly feature that we have been working on for 2019, showcasing pictures from some of the amazing places we have traveled over the last few years. We hope you enjoy our latest installment! Stay tuned for our September wallpaper coming soon, and we hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather!

August 2021 Wallpaper

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August Wallpaper (2019, 2020)

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