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Huacachina Oasis

The Oasis of Huacachina stands out as a striking contrast to the towering sand dunes that surround the town. The coast of Southern Peru is dominated by the Sechura desert, and Huacachina is a refuge from the harshness of the arid landscape. For many years this has been a popular stopping point for travelers and locals alike on any visit to Peru. The water and mud of the Oasis are said to have healing powers, and people have been known to cover themselves in hopes of curing themselves of arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, and bronchitis.

Located nearby the town of Ica, Huacachina is home to no more than 100 permanent residents. Once you’ve had a chance to walk around the lake, you realized there isn’t too much to do in town. Many restaurants and hotels occupy what little space there is in the small area. What should do you do next?

Head out into the sand dunes. Firstly, the view of the Oasis from above is an amazing photo opportunity. And second, there are several crazy dune buggy drivers that will take you for an exhilarating rollercoaster ride up and down the massive sand dunes. If your looking for adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Paired with some sandboarding, this is the perfect way to spend the evening in Huacachina. The ride back towards town as the sunset in the distance was something unforgettable.



The Oasis from Above. 2017.


Water. Grass. Sand. 2017.


The contrast of Sand and Water. 2017.


Its possible to rent boats and paddle around the small lake. 2017.


 The beach at Huacachina. 2017.


Huacachina Oasis. 2017.

Sand Dunes:


Rob and Norma posing in the desert, surrounded by sand dunes. 2017.


In the distance, a lone Sand dune in the middle of Ica. 2017.


Dune Buggy, sunshine and Sandunes. 2017.


Sand Dunes. 2017.


We survived one of the craziest dune buggy rides of our lives. Little did we know, our driver was just getting started. 2017.


Dune buggy driving towards the sand dunes. 2017.


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