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Mercado Roma [cdmx]

Mexico City is a destination with many different attractions for any type of tourist. It is an incredible city. You may be tempted to visit by the museums, culture or history, as they’re all very good reasons to visit Mexico City. Somewhere along the way, you’re likely to get hungry and it will soon be time to eat. There are many great options for food in Mexico City and today we’re here to tell you about the gourmet food court known as Mercado Roma.

Markets are a part of daily life and often the best place to get lunch in any city you’re visiting across the country. Mexico City is home to over 21 million people it’s greater area. Over time it has attracted people from across the country, which means much of the distinct food from across the Mexico has been imported here as well. Mercado Roma is an upscale market place with a unique collection of food and beverage stalls collected in one place.

Roma has become a hip and trendy neighbourhood, not far from the other major attractions in the city. It was featured in the 2018 film “Roma” by Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón. We came by here after exploring Chapultepec castle and we had worked up quite the appatite.

Exploring Mercado Roma

The smells are intoxicating. The sound of sizzling meat and smoke rising above the grills. We began mapping out our preliminary selections as we slowly worked our way through the maze in search of seats.

They have tacos, tortas, soups and deserts. Much like Mexico City, it is an eclectic mix of different styles and flavours. There are many different things for sale – from spices and desserts – but we came here quite hungry with the goal of eating and sampling as much as we possibly could. There was live music playing on the stage below us.

We found a seat on the balcony above the main floor and make quick work of finding some drinks. Our waiter was able to find us some craft beer from Cervecería Hércules (from Queretaro) and quickly began working our way through their roster of beers. They were all quite good but their “RedShift” – a dark pink coloured Jamaica brew – was quite fantastic.

The two of us decided to share some food and still ordered way too much. We had picked out a beef brisket sandwich, a big el pastor taco with crispy melted cheese and some bone marrow tacos. The bone marrow looked, smelled and tasted as good or better than we could have expected. We could not have been happier with our choices.

When it became time to somehow will ourselves up and out of the market, we found even more temptations. We said no to many desserts, but still managed to find a few more treats. We left with fresh made churros and a selection of spices to take home with us.

Mercado Roma is can’t miss during your next visit to Mexico City1

Mercado Roma

Spices / Mercado Roma. 2019.
Mercado Roma. 2019.
Hercules Jamaica Saison / Mercado Roma. 2019.
Bone Marrow Tacos / Mercado Roma. 2019.
Mercado Roma. 2019.
Spices / Mercado Roma. 2019.
Mercado Roma. 2019.
Beef Brisket Sandwhich / Mercado Roma. 2019.
Mercado Roma. 2019.
Fresh Churros / Mercado Roma. 2019.
Mercado Roma. 2019.
More Spices / Mercado Roma. 2019.
The house where Roma was filmed. 2019.
The house where the director of Roma grew up. 2019.
Aqui se filmo Roma. 2019.
Mercado Roma. 2019.
Amigos / Mercado Roma. 2019.
Mercado Roma. 2019.
El Pastor / Mercado Roma. 2019.
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Mercado Roma. 2019.

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