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A short hike at Lake Minnewanka

We visited Lake Minnewanka – located only 5-km northeast from Banff Village – on our last day inside Banff National Park. This beautiful glacial lake is fed by the Cascade River, which runs through Stewart Canyon on its way into the lake. We found a short trail that ran along the side of this Canyon and decided to give it a try and got to experience a very beautiful and untouched corner of Banff National Park.

Traveling in the Rocky Mountains in early October leaves you at the mercy of mother nature. We didn’t always get the best weather during our trip to the Canadian Rockies, but we came to Minnewanka on a perfect afternoon; the sun was shining, and the water, trees and snow-capped mountains were perfectly illuminated by sunshine. This was one of the most picturesque places we have ever seen. 

Like many places we visited in the Rockies, the weather made things difficult for hiking and exploring; due to the snow, we were unable to attempt the hike we had planned. We were visiting only a few days after the first big snowfall so we couldn’t do any longer or more challenging hikes but found the walk along Stewart Canyon a perfect compromise. 

Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park. 2018.

This short video chronicles our short time at Lake Minnewanka and features some great video from the lake and canyon that we explored. Just another day in the Canadian Rockies. 

We spent a few hours walking around the lake taking pictures of the perfect scenery. After our adventure, we returned to the Trans Canada highway and began the journey westward, back into British Columbia. Lake Minnewanka was the perfect last memory from Banff National Park and really left us wanting more. 

A short hike at Lake Minnewanka

One of the most beautiful glacial lakes in Banff National Park, this lake is surrounded by mountains and crystal clear waters. We took a short hike along Stewart Canyon, where the Cascade River empties into this stunning lake. There are many other great hikes to undertake in this area when the weather is nice to find even more views, as well as a good chance to see some wildlife. Even if you just make it as far as the parking lot, it is worth it just to see this stunning lake.

A short hike at Lake Minnewanka. 2018.




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