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Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the jewel of Vancouver, a celebrated park located on the North-West edge of Downtown. It has been voted the best park in the world by TripAdvisor, and it is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike. It is surrounded by water on three sides, bordered by Coal Harbour, the Burrard Inlet, and English Bay. From the Harry Jerome statue, located along the seawall looking across the water at the City Center, is one of the best views that Vancouver, Canada has to offer.

The park was founded in 1888, given as a gift to the city of Vancouver by Lord Stanley, the governor general at the time. It is full of massive evergreens and is full of walking paths for those who want to experience nature. The highlight for most people visiting Stanley Park is a trip along the seawall, a waterfront path that travels along most of the entire edge of the park. The best way to experience this pathway is either by bike, or foot, traveling along the 9-km stretch.

Inside the park, there are several other amazing attractions. There are several restaurants, including the 40-year old Teahouse in Stanley Park, as well as the Vancouver Aquarium, the Stanely Park Train and the totem poles at Brockton Point, which honour the original inhabitants of British Columbia. It is one of the most beautiful places in Vancouver, and worthy of a full day of exploration during any trip to Vancouver.

Get lost amongst the trees and get in touch with nature, while only a few steps away from the busy downtown core. I have been back in Vancouver for the summer, and trying to explore the city as a tourist. I have traveled into Stanley Park with my camera on a few occasions. I have collected my favourite pictures from inside the park , from this summer and years past, and the perfect way to cap off an amazing summer of exploration in my hometown.

Stanley Park:

Harry Jerome Statue, Downtown Vancouver & The Seawall. 2018.
Canadian Geese in Stanley Park. 2018.
Fergusson Point in Stanley Park. 2018.
Downtown view with Georgia Street Gap. 2018.
Lions Gate Bridge. 2008.
Norma and Rob sitting on a bench in Stanley Park. 2018.
Lost Lagoon. 2018.
Canadian Geese. 2018.
The Stanley Park Seawall. 2018.
Stanley Park. 2018.

Totems. 2018.


Lost Lagoon. 2018.

Stanley Park Drive. 2018.
Stanley Park Totem Poles. 2018.

Stanley Park Trees. 2018.
Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park. 2018.
Lions Gate Bridge. 2018.

Siwash Rock. 2015.

Harry Jerome Statue. 2018.

Lost Lagoon. 2018.

Lions gate. 2018.

Stanley Park / Vancouver Skyline from a boat. 2013.

Lions Gate Bridge. 2018.

Third Beach Bench. 2006.
The Seawall / Downtown Vancouver. 2018.
Lions Gate Bridge. 2008.
Lost Lagoon / Vancouver Skyline. 2018.

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