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Seattle, WA

Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, surrounded by evergreen forests, volcanoes, mountains and the picturesque waters of the Puget Sound. It is a dream location for a photographer, as every corner of the city has something interesting to show you. It was “discovered” in the 18th Century when George Vancouver first set out to map the Pacific Northwest. It has grown to become one of the biggest cities on the continent, home to tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, and airplane maker Boeing.

It is the largest metropolitan area of the Pacific Northwest, home to just over 3 million in the surrounding areas. It is a popular cruise ship port for ships departing towards Alaska, and has endless opportunities for adventures – there are many spectacular hikes in the surrounding wilderness. The city has many cool and trendy neighborhoods to visit – such as Ballard or Capitol Hill – and has one of the best Craft Beer Scenes in the country. Any trip to Seattle would be incomplete without a trip to the Pike Place Public Market, where you can watch the fish guys throwing salmon across the room.

Growing up in Vancouver, only a few hours drive to the north, Seattle is a city I have visited many times for many reasons; sporting events, concerts, shopping or just for a weekend getaway. From Canada, it is a straight drive down Interstate 5 (the I-5) which if you kept driving would have you arrived in Tijuana in Mexico. Unfortunately, not every trip was with my camera, but on the occasions that my SLR did accompany me across the border, I have always been treated to some amazing shots.

I have been going through my photo archives on my computer lately and stumbled upon this collection, and wanted to share them with the world. Seattle is so close to my home, that I am pretty confident that I will be back again soon. If you haven’t visited the Emerald City before, you need to start planning your trip soon. Enjoy these pictures as part of your motivation! Happy Saturday everyone!



Pike Place Market. 2013.

Pike Place Market. 2013.
The Smith Tower from above. 2013. 
Pike Place Market. 2013.
Seattle. 2013.
Public Market. 2013.
Downtown Seattle. 2013.
Seattle from above. 2013.
Public Market. 2013.
Ferris Wheel. 2013.
Elysian Brewing. 2015.
Seattle Marina in Belmont. 2015.

Seattle Skyline. 2013. 

The Space Needle. 2013. 


Tallest Building in Seattle. 2015.


Interstate 5. 2013.


The First Starbucks Location. 2013.


Public Market. 2015.


Port of Seattle. 2013.

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