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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a memorable city, and it stands out as being different than any other around the world. The City feels familiar yet different; as you wander the city, it feels both like a place you have been before and somewhere that is unlike anywhere else. Grand Spanish/European architecture is found throughout the city, alongside statues and monuments which make the city feel like a grand spectacle. The 18-lane wide Av 28 de Julio cuts through the center of the city, with the massive Obliesk as its centerpiece. Nothing in Buenos Aires feels like its half done. Go big or go home.

We arrived in Buenos Aires after a long overnight bus from Iguazu falls in the north of Argentina. We were on the last week of our 2-month trip across the Americas, and we were more than happy to just relax in this big city for a few days. We decided to just wander the city and take pictures, and the weather co-operated with our plan. We set out on our two mornings with no real plan or direction, choosing to let the city show itself. We managed to spend 1.5 days just exploring this metropolis and were rewarded with some amazing pictures.

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital and has a unique buzz that makes this an exciting city to visit. Dinner doesn’t start until 9 or 10 pm for most people, and if you’re planning to go out to one of the many amazing nightclubs here, don’t plan on arriving until 2 am unless you want to dance by yourself. Plan ahead for the midday when many stores close and the siesta is in full effect. The country is known for its steaks and every place we ate was spectacular. We loved every aspect of the city and were quite sad when we had to leave.

We stayed in a youth hostel along the 18-lane mega road that cuts through the city, so most of our wandering was focused around here. From the rooftop of our hotel, we could stand above the grand avenue, listening to the traffic and the buzz of the city as the sun went down.

Most of the city feels old as if you were in a historic European city due to the abundance of classic architecture. While the city feels quite hectic at times, especially when the evening buzz sets in, there are many large plazas and parks throughout the city which you can visit to avoid the bustle. We spent a lot of time wandering the Palermo Neighborhood, which has a large park with places to sit and relax. We spent some time wandering towards the waterfront area of Puerto Madero, where Buenos Aires newest downtown neighborhood is quickly growing, including several 50-story skyscrapers.

One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to the famous La Recoleta Cemetary, where many of the countries most celebrated heroes are buried. Visiting a cemetery isn’t usually high up on most tourists lists, this one is full of amazing architecture and famous people. We took so many interesting photos, that it deserved its own post; La Recoleta Cemetary (coming soon).

Buenos Aires is one of those cities you need to spend months in to be able to see everything. The list of things we didn’t do outnumbers those that we did 10 to 1. We missed out on some of the most famous neighborhoods – such as La Boca – and didn’t do anything Tango. But it is also the type of city you know you will come back to soon. Even in just the two days that we did have here, it was hard to choose which pictures to use. The city is very photogenic, and we’re happy to share our adventures with you.

Buenos Aires:


Capital Building. 2017.


Obliesk. 2017.


Metal Flower. 2017.


Lion Statue at La Recoleta Cemetary. 2017.


Sailboat. 2017.


Flowers. 2017.


The Obelisk in downtown Buenos Aires. 2017.


The Capitol Building through the trees. 2017.


Beautiful Architecture is the norm in Buenos Aires. 2017.


Flowers along Av 28 de Julio. 2017.

DSC_4880 (1)

Buenos Aires. 2017.


Beautiful Parks throughout the city. 2017.


Argentina. 2017.


Buenos Aires. 2017.


The Waterfront district is growing quickly, adding new neighborhoods to the city. 2017.


Eva Peron memorial at La Recoleta Cemetary. 2017.


Av 28 de Julio. 2017.


The Capital Building in Buenos Aires. 2017.


Buenos Aires Waterfront. 2017.


The views of the city are spectacular. 2017.


Reflections. 2017.


Grafitti under the bridge. 2017.


Monuments. 2017.


Love. 2017.


Buenos Aires Traffic. 2017.


City at night. 2017.


Monuments. 2017.


Capitol Building. 2017.


Monuments. 2017.


Classical Architecture. 2017.


La Recoleta Cemetary. 2017.


Obliesk. 2017.


Buenos Aires. 2017.


See you again soon, Buenos Aires. 2017.

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