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Washington, DC

The city of Washington, DC is full of monuments and neoclassical architecture, making the city feel grand as you walk along The Mall. There are so many beautiful and iconic buildings you can see while wandering through the center of the city. What surprised me most is how much we enjoyed the rest of the city, enjoying a great dinner at a local restaurant and just wandering the streets for a day. I expected it to feel stuffy and presidential, but it didn’t. The city had a unique pulse that made it feel different.

This would be our last stop on our cross-country adventure from Vancouver to New York, as we were finally nearing our final destination. We parked our car in the suburbs of the city, somewhere in Virginia, and took the metro into the city to explore for a day. We didn’t expect to enjoy it so much, and after wandering around for a day it gave me the unexpected urge to come back. We had only just scratched the surface and I wanted more.

The city was designed to be grand, and I must say; Mission Accomplished. If you had more time you could visit the Declaration of Independence or see the world’s first airplane at the Smithsonian. The Mall is a large park that makes up the center of the city and we spent most of our time wandering here, taking pictures and enjoying the different monuments and sights. In a few hours, you can easily see the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.

Our experience here was fairly limited as we were traveling in a giant U-Haul truck and couldn’t spend more than a day, but what we did see was beautiful. Washington, DC is a very cool city that left a great impression on us in just a short time. A few hours was definitely not long enough, but I was able to snap some great pictures along the way, and it has stoked my interest for an eventual return.

Our mission on this road trip was to cover a lot of distance. We had to keep moving; we had people to see and places to be! After dinner, we got back into the car and drove a few hours and spent the night sleeping at a truck stop in Delaware. It would be the last night sleeping in the truck; the next day our cross country would end in Brooklyn…


Washington, DC:



Washington Monument. 2012.


The Archives. 2012.


The Capitol Building. 2012.


The Washington Monument. 2012.


The Capitol Building. 2012.


The Archives. 2012.


Abraham Lincoln. 2012.


The White House. 2012.


War Memorial. 2012.


General Grant. 2012.


The Mall, Washington Monument, and Capitol Building. 2012.



Abraham Lincoln. 2012.


United States. 2012.





Sunset on the Mall looking back from the Lincoln Memorial. 2012.



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