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Coming this summer… exploring BC

This is Travel Journal #6, and we are here to share another big announcement.

Summer 2018 is almost here (it’s now only 3 weeks until the summer solstice) and a new adventure awaits! I will be spending the summer in #Vancouver, exploring some amazing places on Canada’s west coast. Over the last 7 months, Norma and I (Rob) have traveled together to 8 countries, taken countless pictures and had some incredible adventures. But all good things must come to an end. I will be spending this summer in beautiful British Columbia and Norma will be staying on Cozumel.

This means that we will be spending the summer apart, spending the next 4 months away while we prepare for our next adventures. Norma gets to stay in sunny Mexico while I have returned to Canada for a few months to save some money. While this really sucks for the two of us (insert sad emoji here), this means that we get to bring you twice as much amazing content from two amazing locations! We will be able to take pictures of beautiful Caribbean beaches and sunsets and pair them alongside some amazing hikes into the mountains of British Columbia… all on the same day!

I grew up in Vancouver, so this has always been my home, but since I’m only here for four months, I’m planning to explore like a tourist. I have lots of old pictures taken over the last 10+ years that I will share periodically, as well as many new adventures that I am starting to plan for the summer. I have some really cool hikes planned – such as Garibaldi Lake outside of Squamish – and plenty of trips to the North Shore for some short day hikes. In October, Norma and I are planning a 10-day road trip through the Rocky Mountains.

There could be worse places to spend the summer, that is for sure. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in North America, especially this time of year when the rain stays away. I’ve been back for just over a week now, and have already gone exploring quite a bit. I’ve taken my camera out with me for a few adventures on my days off and will have lots of fun stuff coming soon. I spent my first weekend back in BC visiting Squamish and enjoyed a few easy hikes in the area. I’ve been driving into downtown most afternoons, both for work and pleasure, so this is just a short preview of what you might expect to see in the next few months.

And of course, Norma is still living on Cozumel, and once she gets her computer back from the repair shop, she will be posting lots of great content from Cozumel. She has been sending me lots of amazing sunset photos to make me jealous while I’m away… So stay tuned for lots of amazing content coming soon this summer!


Summer In British Columbia (so far) :

Over the last two weeks, I have been exploring my home as a tourist (and working like a local), and these are just a few of the highlights from my adventures around the city so far. I’m planning lots of hikes and other adventures around the city.


Sunset at the Westham Island Bridge. 2018. 


Downtown Vancouver viewed from Queen Elizabeth Park. 2018. 


Hiking just outside of Squamish, BC. 2018. 


The East Van sign with Downtown Vancouver in the background. 2018. 


Science World, with BC Place in the background. 2018. 


Public Art Piece located on Pacific Ave in Vancouver. 2018.


“The Chief” in Squamish is a popular hiking destination just north of Vancouver. 2018.


Sunset on the Fraser River in Ladner, BC. 2018. 


Vancouver and the Pacific North-West (coming soon):

Living in Vancouver for most of my life, I have explored many nearby locations and am excited to dig into the archives to pull out a few pictures from the Pacific Northwest and around British Columbia. I have started to sort through my pictures from Oregon and Washington State (our American neighbors to the south) as well as some of my favourite shots from around Vancouver.


Haystack Rock on the Pacific Coast in Oregon. 2016.


BC Place in Downtown Vancouver glowing in the evening. 2014.



The Space Needle in downtown Seattle. 2013.


Victoria is British Columbia’s capital city. 2015.



Canada Place Sails in downtown Vancouver. 2012.


This Beautiful Day with the Chief in the Background. 2016. 

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