Isla Holbox

The beaches and the water are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The sand is just a little bit whiter, the water has a few extra shades of blue and the sun shines just a little bit brighter. The main form of transportation on the island is by golf cart and most of the roads are nothing more than sand covered paths. Its possible to find a beach that you won’t have to share with anyone else.

Of all the islands you can visit in the Yucatan Peninsula, this one is as far off the beaten track as you can get. Unlike Mujeres and Cozumel, it isn’t possible to visit this island as part of a day trip, which makes it just a little bit more special. It attracts a different type of traveler. There aren’t many big hotels, the town is super tiny and you can probably count the number of cars on the island with two hands.

Holbox is located north-west of Cancun, alongside the gulf coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Most people get around by scooter or golf cart – even the taxis are big off-road golf carts. Renting a golf cart for a few hours or overnight will allow you to get away from the center of town and enjoy some of the beautiful and remote places on the island. When we visited in 2017, we found an empty piece of land away from anywhere and set up tents. We’re not sure if this is legal or not – but no-one said anything to us.

Because of its remoteness and general lack of tourists, the nature viewing here is unparalleled. There are many birds – flamingos included – and depending on the time of year, its possible to swim with Whale Sharks. Holbox is one of the best places to visit in Mexico; you’ll find white sandy beaches and laid-back vibes that are unlike anywhere else.

This place is so amazing that it has to be shared with the world (shhh, just don’t tell too many others about it). Here are a few pictures to help inspire your visit. We hope you enjoy.

Isla Holbox:


Beautiful scenery found everywhere. 2017. 


Holbox Sunset. 2017.


Nature finds a way. 2014.


Walking on a long dock. 2017.


Bikes & Beach. 2017.


Norma and Rob at the Holbox sign. 2017.


For the Birds. 2014. 


Scenic Holbox. 2017.


Holbox Artistic Shot. 2017.


Grafitti on Holbox. 2017.


Holbox Beach. 2017.


Jumping off the Dock. 2017.


Holbox Sunset. 2014. 


Flamingos. 2014. 


Fun in the Sun. 2017.


Alto. 2017.


Holbox Beach. 2014. 


Holbox Sign. 2017.

Photo 2017-04-22, 9 46 10 AM

Rob posing in front of the Holbox Sign. 2017.


Shallow Waters. 2014. 


Holbox Grafitti. 2017.


Holbox Beach. 2014.


So much green, white and blue. 2017.


Holbox Grafitti. 2017.


Fish in shallow water. 2014. 


Isla Holbox. 2014. 


Norma and Rob. 2017.


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