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Paracas National Reserve

The small town of Paracas is a stopover for most overlanders who are traveling south from Lima. While the town itself is nice, what draws people here are the natural surroundings. The nearby Paracas National Reserve and the Ballestas Islands are the two main draws here. For wildlife viewing, the Islands are amazing, home to sea-lions and penguins. The National Reserve is a coastal desert, with stunning landscapes where the ocean meets the land. It is also an adventure enthusiasts dream, as it is one of the best places in South America for windsurfing, paragliding and kite surfing.

Paracas isn’t much more than an expanded fishing village, with a small strip in the center of town with hotels, restaurants and tourist agencies. It has a very chill backpacker vibe and is the perfect place to rest for a few days, especially after leaving the chaos of Lima. There is so much natural beauty here that you could spend more than a few days exploring the surroundings, and enjoy the peaceful town.

As is the case with most backpacking trips, it’s impossible to see everything, and after only 2 days we had to keep moving south towards Huacachina. Paracas is a can’t miss destination for anyone who travels through Peru.

Paracas National Reserve:


Gliding over the cliffs. 2017.


Desert, meet the ocean. 2017.


Norma soaking in the beauty of Paracas National Reserve. 2017.


Red sand beach. 2017.


Rugged Coastline. This rock is supposed to resemble a Baboon. 2017.


The rocky coastline of Paracas National Reserve. 2017.


 The yellow desert and red sand beach. 2017.


The Desert. 2017.


Paracas National Park. 2017.


Rob is pondering the meaning of life in Paracas National Park. 2017.


Our guide Lelvin (not Melvin) posing in front of the Peru Hop bus. 2017.



Along the boardwalk in Paracas, two Pelicans stand while a local kid looks on. 2017.


A bird surfing a seaweed surf-board. 2017.


Pelican. 2017.


Fishing Boats in Paracas. 2017.


Sunset over the Paracas National Reserve as seen from our hotel. 2017.

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