Travel stories are one of the best souvenirs that travelers collect from around the world, so we wanted to share some of our favourites here. This section is dedicated to some of the articles we have written for Travel Around the Galaxy, as well as a few guest posts that have featured on the websites of others.

Travel Stories:

  • The Canadian Rockies Road Trip (2018)

    canadian rockies
    Wow! What an incredible two weeks! We just got back from our adventure around British Columbia and Alberta, where we explored the spectacular scenery of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We drove through 5 different National Parks (Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Glacier, and Mount Revelstoke) and countless provincial parks, covering almost 2700-km in only 9-days. With each twist and turn of the highway, our travels through the mountains unveiled new spectacular views for us to admire.We had planned our trip for early October for two reasons. The first was a wedding – not ours – that we had been invited to in Revelstoke. Since we were going to be driving all that distance we may as well add on an extra couple days to visit Jasper and Banff National Parks before heading to the wedding, right? Seemed like a good idea… continue reading

  • The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu (2017)
    Salkantay Trek
    When we decided to start planning our trip to South America, the number one goal we set our sights on was a visit to Machu Picchu. Located in the jungles of Peru, this Inca Ruins was re-discovered in 1911 and has been a place of pilgrimage for all types of travelers ever since. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was recently named as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.There are several ways to get to Machu Picchu. The easiest way is to take a train direct from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, spend a night in “Machu Picchu Pueblo”, wake up early the next morning to see the ruins and take the train back to Cusco… continue reading

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Travel Guides:

The largest city in the Americas, Mexico City is not a place that you can see in 2 days; it has 16 different boroughs and is home to over 8 million in the city (and over of 21 in the greater Metropolitan area). There are so many unique parts of town worth exploring, so much art and history that dates back to the Aztecs and before. There is a lot to see in the Valley of Mexico. To truly get a sense of how big the city is, take a trip high above to the Torre de Latinoamericana, where you can see endless city stretching off in all directions. Fortuneately, we gave ourselves a full two and a half days, so we had enough time to see everything… continue reading

Florence was at the heart of the Italian Renaissance, which spread culture across the continent of Europe. It was one of the most important religious, political and economic cities in the world during the Medieval Ages, made rich and prosperous by the ruling Medici Dynasty. Florence is incredibly beautiful, with too much art and history to experience on one trip. One of the most impressive things to do in Florence, Italy is a visit to the Duomo, the massive Cathedral that occupies the center of town. If you can handle it, walk up the over 400 stairs to the viewing platform at the top; the views of the surrounding city are hard to beat…  continue reading

We have just returned from an incredible adventure into the Canadian Rockies, and we wanted to share our some of our best experiences. We traveled here in early-October, and winter had arrived early, so we went from autumn to winter overnight. Some days this meant clouds and fog, which meant a lot of our mountain views were blocked. On other days, the sun was shining and the scenery indescribable. The views of Lake Louise during these first days of winter was especially beautiful, with snow-capped trees and mountains surrounding the famous glacial lake… continue reading

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How To Guides:

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