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April 2021 Wallpaper

The sun is shining but the air still feels cold. We can feel the invisible battle, a fight between the seasons as the warmer weather attempts to change the narrative. Winter still has a firm grip. But not for long! Soon it will be spring in more than just name. As we turn the page from March into April, we say good riddance to winter. We have kept our adventures very local during the past few months. We have been staying inside our region spending time outdoors. Our latest desktop wallpaper reflects these recent adventures with a photo from West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park.

April is a time of freshness and renewal. While the jokers may be preparing to make fools of the unsuspecting, we have no such plans to play any practical jokes this year. We don’t think the world needs any more surprises. We assume everyone has been spending a lot of time staring at their computers over the last year, so maybe our latest desktop wallpaper feature will help inspire you to start planning that first vacation. Canada might be closed right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start planning for “the after”. We are looking forward to a summer free of lockdowns and are planning international trips for the future. We’ve had lots of time to dream lately.

As of March 21st, we have officially entered spring in the northern hemisphere. This means that the cycle of rebirth will begin again; the snow will start to melt and the flowers will start to bloom. There is something special in the air. We’re looking forward to exploring the outdoors. Maybe if we’re really lucky, we might be allowed to travel soon too. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Say hello to longer days & warmer weather!

Our featured wallpaper this month was taken a few weeks ago on one of our cold and sunny days in early March. We made the drive out towards the north shore and found this incredible spot inside Lighthouse Park. Vancouver has entered a new wave of lockdowns and restrictions on inside things so it seems likely we will be spending even more time exploring the many parks and outdoor attractions nearby. It doesn’t seem like we will be crossing borders anytime soon.

April has always been an adventurous month for us! We have explored some pretty incredible places around the world and many of them have showed up here in our monthly desktop features. Alongside lighthouse park, we are sharing a colourful pictures from one of the most beautiful islands of Venice, located on Burano.

Previous to this we have featured the incredible Mayan Ruins at Tulum, the famous abandoned city overlooking the crystal blue water of the Caribbean. The Mayans used the walled city of Tulum as an important trading port, with access to the ocean its most important feature. We also have a birds eye view of the Cathedral in San Miguel de Allende and a mountain reflection view in the Canadian wilderness at Emerald Lake. The lake is best viewed in late spring, when the mountain runoff is combined with small limestone particles from the mountains, it makes the lake shine in bright colours.

Creating beautiful desktop wallpapers is our newest monthly feature that we have been working on for 2019, showcasing pictures from some of the amazing places we have traveled over the last few years. We hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for our May wallpaper coming up in only a few weeks.

April 2021 Wallpaper

Lighthouse Park. British Columbia, Canada.

Mobile phone Background / Wallpaper

April Wallpaper (2019, 2020)

Mayan Ruins of Tulum. Quintana Roo, Mexico.
San Miguel de Alende. Guanajuato, Mexico.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is april.png
Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park. British Columbia, Canada.

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