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December 2020 Wallpaper

December is best associated with changing seasons, snowfall and the holidays. This year it will probably also be a good time to bid farewell to 2020. We will soon be celebrating the completion of another lap around the sun, watching as another year slips between our fingers. December marks many milestones as we transition from autumn into winter. On December 21st we will reach the equinox and the days will start getting longer once again. We figured for our December 2020 desktop wallpaper it would be fitting to take a trip back to the surreal landscapes of Bolivia as we look forward to the approaching new year.

The sounds of Christmas might be a little bit quieter in 2020, but it at least means that we will be able to turn the page into 2021. Regardless of how you feel about the year that was, 2020 will be one that won’t be forgotten. Most years it feels like December is able to sneak up on us without warning. 2020 wasn’t a normal year. We haven’t even begun trying to decompress from the year that was, it still feels like we’re right in the middle of it. Very few of us will be sad to see it go. Many of our adventures were put on hold and other plans pushed further into the future than we had expected.

Even with everything going on, it’s hard not to get excited for a fresh start. Despite everything that happened this year, we managed to create some amazing memories. Time’s arrow marches forward and so do we. We’re looking forward to the final month of 2020

Winter is coming…

December is a good month for remembering the good times of the past year and preparing for the upcoming changes. It is also a sobering reminder that we haven’t actually reached “winter” yet despite what the weather outside the window might suggest. In December of 2018 we launched our monthly desktop feature as a unique way to show off some of our favourite pictures from around the world. We are now about to enter into the third year of this feature.

In 2018 we featured a towering mountain landscape with a chilly looking view from Jasper National Park, which felt like the perfect homage to cold weather and winter in general. Lake Louise was one of the top highlights from our 2018 trip to the Canadian Rockies. 2019 saw us visit Vancouver, with a photo of the Inukshuk statue (one of our favourite Public Art Pieces in Vancouver) and an incredible view from St Mark’s Summit, one of the most popular hikes in Cypress Provincial Park. Without a doubt, hiking around the beautiful mountains of British Columbia is one of the highlights of Vancouver.

For 2020 we have chosen two far out views from two very different man made monuments. We think that the view of Central Park from the top of the Empire State Building and an incredible reflection picture from Lagoon Colorada in Bolivia These are both places we would go back to in a heartbeat if given the chance.

We hope you enjoy our latest installments for our monthly wallpaper feature and are looking forward for more to come. Stay tuned for the next 12 months as we showcase more beautiful pictures from our adventures around the world. Stay tuned for our January wallpaper coming soon.

December 2020 Wallpaper

Lagoon Colorada, Bolivia. December 2020 Desktop Wallpaper.

Mobile Phone Background

Central Park from above. December 2020 Mobile Phone Background / Wallpaper.

Previous December Wallpaper (2018, 2019)

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St. Mark’s Summit. December 2019 Desktop Wallpaper.
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English Bay Inukshuk. December 2019 Mobile Phone Background / Wallpaper.
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Lake Louise. December 2018 Desktop Wallpaper.

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