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October 2020 Wallpaper

When the seasons change, the weather follows soon behind. Today, we are celebrating the autumn weather which has rolled into Vancouver around the same time that we did. The trees are beginning to change colours. The trees are showing the world their yellow, red and orange leaves as a reminder that things are about to change. Since we have had to say goodbye to Cozumel (and Mexico) for the short term, we thought it would be a good chance to look back at one of our favourite places to visit in Mexico; Punta Sur Ecopark on Cozumel.

Our lives have been filled with many adventures over the last few weeks. We just made it through 14 days of mandatory lockdown as part of our arrival in Canada. After travelling over 2000km by car across Mexico we eventually landed at Norma’s parents house a few hours north of Guadalajara in Zacatecas State. A few busses and a long flight later, we are now in Canada. It’s been a long journey and we’re excited to settle in for a few weeks of fall.

Normally October means that we are both reunited back in Mexico after a few months apart, but 2020 has been full of changes for everyone. This will be our first autumn together in colder climates. We’re actually looking forward to the cooler weather. We will always have lots of good memories of the beautiful beaches on Cozumel to keep us warm, and hopefully today’s desktop wallpaper does the same for you.

We hope you enjoy our latest desktop wallpaper. These desktop wallpapers have been a monthly feature since 2018. It has been a fun way of showcasing pictures from some of the amazing places we’ve visited. We hope you enjoy our latest installment and are looking forward to our November wallpaper coming soon! Happy travels!

2020 Wallpaper

Mobile phone Background / Wallpaper

September 2019 Wallpaper

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