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April 2020 Wallpaper

For anyone who has been able to keep track, you are probably aware that today is April 1st. We’re not pulling any practical jokes this year, as we don’t think that the world needs any more surprises. We assume everyone has been spending a lot of time staring at their computers over the last few weeks, so maybe our latest desktop wallpaper feature from Tulum will help you get through these months with no travel.

Tulum is one of the most incredible Mayan Ruins in Mexico, located on the Riviera Maya. The site is located on the water overlooking the blue water of the Caribbean. It is certainly one of the most incredible views anywhere in Mexico. The Mayans used the walled city of Tulum as an important trading port, with access to the ocean its most important feature.

Tulum today is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Riviera Maya. Tulum is now made up of three distinct areas; the beach, the town and the ruins. All three should be explored if you ever get the chance. The ruins is one of the most visited archeological zones in Mexico, alongside Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza.

When the Mayans ruled the Yucatan peninsula, Tulum was a major trading post for the region. Tulum maintained its importance, especially with strategic importance to the nearby cities of Muyil and Coba. The original inhabitants had named the city Zama, which means “dawn” in the Mayan language. Tulum is the city of the dawn, and the Mayans must have appreciated the sunrise much the way the tourists do today.

Right now, the ruins are empty, as there are restrictions on any unnecessary travel anywhere along the Riviera Maya. Rest assured, they will still be there when this all ends. We look forward to our next chance to visit, once the world goes back to something resembling normal. Until then, we’re going to keep dreaming of our next trip while shelter in place.

We hope our latest desktop wallpaper will brighting your spirits. Since 2018 we have been creating desktop wallpapers as a monthly feature as a fun way of showcasing pictures from some of the amazing places we’ve visited. We hope you enjoy our latest installment and are looking forward to our May wallpaper coming soon! Stay safe everyone.

April 2020 Wallpaper

Mobile phone Background / Wallpaper

April 2019 Wallpaper

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Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park.

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