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December 2019 Wallpaper

The year is slowly slipping away and December is almost here, so it’s time to celebrate our success in 2019 as we look forward to 2020. We’re pretty certain his year disappeared a little bit faster than it usually does, but time’s arrow marches forward and so do we. The two of us have some exciting plans for 2020 and we’re excited to get started! We chose a photo from the British Columbia wilderness to cap off the year, with a beautiful picture of the Howe Sound from St. Marks Summit.

We had some really incredible adventures this year, with lots of time spent exploring Mexico, from the Riviera Maya to Central Mexico, and we have lots of great stories to tell. Without a doubt, hiking around the beautiful mountains of British Columbia this summer was definitely one of the highlights. The hike to St Marks isn’t an easy one, but thats mostly because of the time it takes to get there. Depending on your hiking skill level, it will normally take 4-6 hours to make the return journey, which includes lots of time at the top to take some amazing photos!

St Marks Summit is located just outside of Vancouver, BC in Cypress Provincial Park, and it is just one of the many great hikes in the area. Watch out for bears! While hiking this summer we saw two cubs over on Grouse Mountain, so you need to be bear aware. They’re usually more frightened of you than you are of them, so just make sure to make lots of noise and stay out of their way.

From the viewpoint at the top, there are some incredible views of the Sea to Sky highway, the Howe Sound and Bowen Island. It’s one of those bucket list hikes in the city that most residents do at least once. The day we went had perfect weather and we made good time on the hike. Its a little tough on the knees on the way back down, but as long as you take it slow, this hike is for everyone!

We’ve had a great year, and while its always sad to say goodbye, we’re always looking forward. We will spend our Christmas this year on Cozumel, and since we don’t have an oven, we’re looking for some stovetop recipes for our dinner if anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment below.

Turning the calendar pages to October always feel like the beginning of a new chapter. October 2019 is a chapter we are excited to write! We have been creating desktop wallpapers as a monthly feature in 2019, showcasing pictures from some of the amazing places we visited. We hope you enjoy our latest installment and stay tuned for our November wallpaper!

December 2019 Wallpaper

The view of the Howe Sound from St Marks Summit, Cypress Provincial Park, Canada

Mobile phone Background / Wallpaper

English Bay Inukshuk, Vancouver, Canada.

December 2018 Wallpaper

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Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada

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