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Autumn in Vancouver

After spending nearly two weeks driving through the Canadian Rockies, our adventure was finally coming to an end in Vancouver. We officially ended the trip when we dropped off the Jeep at the rental agency on Granville street on Tuesday morning and we decided to spend the rest of the day walking around the downtown area. With nowhere specific that we needed to be, it was a very relaxing and slow paced day spent walking around the city. We found many spectacular views, especially with the vibrant fall colours in the trees. One of our highlights of our day was at Second Beach, where Stanley Park meets English Bay. It was the perfect place to enjoy the waterfront views with the city in the background.

We had a few days before and after our road trip set aside to explore Vancouver. After a week of driving, it was nice to slow down and enjoy the unseasonably sunny and warm weather, especially after experiencing sub-zero temperatures in Alberta. Vancouver has a reputation of being a rainy city, and usually by mid-October the winter rain has already started. Not this year. We took advantage, spending the day outside. We wandered for a few hours, beginning on Granville Street and eventually towards the waterfront along the Coal Harbour seawall, through Stanley Park and finishing the day in the West End where we watched the sunset over English Bay.

We wandered without much plan, but knew we wanted to end up in Stanley Park at some point. This is one of the top highlights of a trip to Vancouver, and the park was especially beautiful on this sunny day with an amazing selection of different colours in the trees. We wandered around Lost Lagoon, took a short walk along the trails, eventually arrived at English Bay. We got a lot of great pictures showcasing Vancouver at its best with blues skies and orange trees.

We both love the city. Vancouver is Rob’s actual hometown, and Norma lived here for a year before we met, so it feels like home to both of us. We didn’t spend much of this trip in Vancouver as tourists, but our photo-walk afternoon was the perfect way to cap off an incredible 2-week vacation, and a good way to showcase how beautiful Vancouver can be in the fall. We visited a lot of friends, said a lot of goodbyes, and enjoyed some incredible food during our stay.

We hope you enjoy our latest photo journal, featuring Autumn in Vancouver.

Autumn in Vancouver

English Bay. 2018.
Sylvia Hotel. 2018.
English Bay condo. 2018.
Norma and Rob sitting on a bench in Stanley Park. 2018.
Lost Lagoon and the downtown skyline. 2018.
Trails leading us towards Stanley Park. 2018.
Arthur Erickson designed office building in Coal Harbour. 2018.
Fall colours. 2018.
Canadian Goose. 2018.
Downtown Vancouver skyline sunset. 2018.
English Bay Sunset. 2018.
Canadian Geese in Stanley Park. 2018.
Coal Harbor Waterfront. 2018.
Small pond at the edge of Stanley Park. 2018.
English Bay. 2018.
Vancouver Convention Center from above. 2018.
Colourful leaves along Main Street. 2018.
Canadian Geese. 2018.
Coal Harbour area from above. 2018.
West End condos overlooking English Bay. 2018.
Fergusson Point in Stanley Park. 2018.
Stanley Park. 2018.
Downtown view with Georgia Street Gap. 2018.
Coal Harbour Marina. 2018.
Coal Harbour Marina from above. 2018.
Lost Lagoon. 2018.
The Stanley Park Seawall. 2018.
Coal Harbour Condos. 2018.
Arthur Erikson designed office building in Coal Harbour. 2018.
Stanley Park and the north shore mountains. 2018.
Stanley Park Drive. 2018.
North Shore Mountains. 2018.
House Boat in Coal Harbour Marina. 2018.
English Bay. 2018.
Coal Harbour Marina. 2018.
Vancouver Seawall in Coal Harbour. 2018.
Lost Lagoon. 2018.
Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park. 2018.
Coal Harbour Marina. 2018.
Vancouver. 2018.
Fence. 2018.
Vicious local wildlife. 2018.

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  1. Great post and fantastic photos, Vancouver looks amazing in autumn. We had a chance to wander around it a few years ago and ever since that trip we just can’t stop dreaming about going back again 😀

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