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February 2019 Wallpaper

The month of January is winding down and we are now well into 2019 calendar. The days are getting longer in the northern hemisphere and we are inching ourselves closer to summertime. Fortunately, February is the shortest month of the year, we hope that winter will be ending sooner than later. Let’s hope that the groundhog has good news for us. February is one of our favourite months, so we’re excited to get started. As we near the end of January, it is time to showcase our latest desktop wallpaper for February 2019, featuring the Huacachina Oasis.

We really like February, and it’s a big “milestone” month for us at Travel Around the Galaxy. This February, our blog will be celebrating its first birthday, Norma and Rob will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary and, to top it off, Rob will also be having his birthday. There is a lot going on. To celebrate our 2 years of adventures around the world, we have decided to feature a picture from our 2017 trip to South America, overlooking the Oasis of Huacachina.

February 2019 desktop wallpaper.

The Oasis of Huacachina contrasts the towering sand dunes that surround the town, located around a small lake. The coast of Southern Peru is dominated by the Sechura desert, and Huacachina is a refuge from the harshness of the arid landscape. The most exciting activity in town is to take a trip out into the sand dunes in a 4×4 buggy, which will take you to this incredible viewpoint.

Huacachina is a popular destination for overland travelers between Lima and Cusco, located along the road south of Peru’s capital. Peru is one of the most memorable destinations we have visited in the last two years and is just one of the reasons we fell in love with Peru. We recently showcased the 9 Incredible things we did in Peru, and Huacachina features prominently on that list. There is so much more to Peru than just Machu Picchu, and the country has so much to offer.

Creating beautiful desktop wallpapers is a new monthly feature we have created for 2019, featuring pictures from some of the most incredible places we have traveled over the last few years. We hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for our March wallpaper coming up next month!

February 2019 Desktop Wallpaper

Huacachina Oasis, Peru. February 2019 desktop wallpaper.

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