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December 2018 Wallpaper

We have decided to introduce a new monthly feature for 2019, offering up beautiful desktop wallpapers with pictures from some of the most incredible places we have traveled over the last few years. So, to kick things off we are getting a head start on the new year and providing our first wallpaper a month early as a Christmas present to our viewers.

December is the month best associated with snow and the holidays, and on the 21st is when we officially begin the transition from fall into winter. Our first installation feels like the perfect homage to cold weather, with this chilly looking view of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. 

Lake Louise, Banff National Park. December 2018.

We visited Banff National Park in October of 2018, and visiting Lake Louise was one of the highlights of our visit. Our arrival in the Canadian Rockies coincided with the first snowfall of the year. This meant that on some days the mountains were completely covered by clouds and fog, obstructing the views of the views we had come to visit. On other days – like during our visit to Lake Louise – we were treated to blue skies and relatively warm days, which allowed us to explore the mountains and trees covered in a layer of white snow. It was pretty incredible. 

We plan on doing a monthly feature on Travel Around the Galaxy for 2019, showcasing some of our favourite seasons and pictures for your desktop wallpaper. Stay tuned for the next 12 months as we showcase more beautiful pictures from our adventures around the world. 

December 2018 Wallpaper

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