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The North Shore

Lighthouse Park is a spectacular location I always recommend to anyone visiting the North Shore; this Lighthouse marks the entrance to English Bay and Burrard Inlet and is the perfect place to get the 360 Vancouver experience. From here, you can look out at The Georgia Straight, the Gulf Islands, the Coast Mountains, and Downtown Vancouver all from one place. There are several easy hiking trails located here so you can choose your own adventure as you explore the beauty that British Columbia has to offer.

The North Shore is located across the waters of English Bay and the Burrard Inlet, a short distance from downtown. The impressive mountains act as a backdrop to everything that is Vancouver, stretching from the Howe Sound to Indian Arm, marking the northern boundaries of the region. If you are in Vancouver seeking a place to explore the outdoors, this is the place to go, with many great parks, trendy neighborhoods, and attractions to keep you busy. The North Shore is the gateway to adventure in Vancouver.

A trip into the rainforest is what makes the North Shore special. The most popular attractions are the Gondola to the top Grouse Mountain (with rewarding views of Vancouver from above) and the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which is 140 long and crosses the Capilano River 70 meters below. It is easy to book a tour, take a shuttle or rent a car for a day to explore a few different spots.

My number one choice for exploring the North Shore has always been Lynn Valley Provincial Park, which includes many great hiking trails, and a free suspension bridge that crosses Lynn Canyon. For anyone who wants to go for a hike, there are many options ranging from easy strolls in the woods to challenging hikes up to rocky peaks.

Cypress Provincial Park is another great place to hike, utilizing the parking lot at the Cypress Mountain ski resort as your base of operations. There are several trailheads that begin here, including one of my favourite hikes to Cabin Lake, and showing off great views of the untouched wilderness to the north. The road to Cypress Moutain also has a great lookout point for those that don’t want to spend money on the Gondola at Grouse Mountain. Most visits to the North Shore will cross paths with the Baden Powel Trail, a massive 48-km path that crosses from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove and passes some of the best hiking spots in the city.

In the wintertime, the North Shore transforms into a skiing destination, with 3 options for skiing; Cypress, Grouse, and Seymour mountains, all of which are easily accessible from downtown. In the summer, these same downhill slopes become a wicked ride for mountain bikers seeking thrills.

The North Shore occupies the small sliver of land between the mountains and the water, stretching upwards along the slopes of the North Shore mountains. It is what you find beyond civilization that makes the North Shore special; endless nature. A trip to Vancouver is not complete without at least one trip across the water. Don’t forget to bring your hiking boots.

West Vancouver:

dsc_1545 (1)

View of Downtown and English Bay with Mount Baker from Lighthouse Park. 2011.


Lighthouse Park. 2013.


The Lions. 2008.


East Vancouver and Mount Baker from Above. 2011.


Whytecliff Park. 2012.


West Vancouver. 2013.


Vancouver from above / Cypress Mountain Lookout. 2018.


Cabin Lake / Cypress Provincial Park. 2017.


Lighthouse Park. 2012.


Fishing Boat. 2012.


Whytecliff Park. 2012.


Cruise Ship going under the Lions Gate Bridge. 2018.


View of the Lions from Cypress Provincial Park. 2017.

close-5-shots-jpg (1)

Stitched Panorama Photo of Downtown. 2006.


Whytecliff Park. 2012.

North Vancouver:

North Vancouver (from Downtown). 2015.
Cates Park Dock. 2015.
Capilano Dam. 2015.
dsc_2507 (1)
Capilano Watershed. 2015.
The Lions Gate Bridge from Stanley Park to North Van. 2018.

Lonsdale Quay. 2015.


North Vancouver. 2015.


Lynn Canyon Hiking Trail. 2018.


The Lions Gate bridge was the first fixed crossing to the North Shore. 2018.

Snow-capped mountains. 2015. 

Snow-capped mountains. 2015. 


Lynn Creek. 2018.

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