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Vancouver Island – Part One

There are few places in the world that compare to Vancouver Island. There is an unmatched beauty that makes the Island unique, with many distinct regions to explore. It’s possible to surf long sandy beaches, walk through old-growth forests, see snow-capped mountains and go for high-tea in the colonial capital of Victoria. All of this can be experienced on the same day.

The Island is only a 2-hour ferry from Vancouver, separated by the Georgia Straight, the Salish Sea, and the Gulf Islands. It is located on the West Coast of Canada, off the mainland of North America in the south-west corner of British Columbia. Vancouver Island is 460-km long from top to bottom, and the lower part of the island dips below the 49th Parallel, which is the official border of Canada and the US on the mainland.

I have been to the island many times throughout my life. My grandparents lived on Vancouver Island for many years (in Maple Bay just outside of Duncan) so trips to the Island were a big part of my childhood. I just got back from a weekend trip to the island – a house-boating adventure on Cowichan Lake – and was inspired to go back and look through all of my old pictures from previous trips.

Vancouver Island holds a special place in my memories, and I’m excited to share these pictures with the world. Today’s post includes pictures from Tofino, Port Renfrew, Goldstream Provincial Park, Cowichan Lake and pictures from my Grandparents old property in Maple Bay. I hope these pictures will inspire you to visit the island the next time you visit British Columbia.

Vancouver Island – Part One:

Along the road to Port Renfrew. 2019.

Cowichan Lake. 2018.


Wild West Coast / Port Renfrew. 2011.


Cowichan Lake. 2018.

Port Renfrew. 2011.
Along the road to Port Renfrew. 2019.
Along the road to Port Renfrew. 2019.

Port Renfrew. 2011.

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Long Beach Tofino. 2007.

The Road to Port Renfrew. 2011.
Cowichan Lake. 2018.
Fishing Boats and Fog. 2011.
Jordan River Beach / Along the road to Port Renfrew. 2019.

Port Renfrew. 2011.
Jordan River / Along the road to Port Renfrew. 2019.
Brentwood Bay. 2011. 

Along the road to Port Renfrew. 2019.
Cowichan Lake. 2018.
Port Renfrew. 2011.
Cowichan Lake. 2018.
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Sundial. 2011. 

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Tofino Sunset. 2007.

Cowichan Lake. 2018.

Cowichan Lake. 2018.


Fishing Boats. 2011.


Port Renfrew Marina. 2011.

5102699597_e684d52160_o (1)

Old Fence in Maple Bay. 2011.

5103291102_00494f6950_o (1)

Old Fence in Maple Bay. 2011.


Cowichan Lake. 2018.


Port Renfrew. 2011.

5102701057_6d494a9da0_o (1)
Old House in Maple Bay. 2011.

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