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NYC – Central Park

Central Park is an oasis of tranquility in an otherwise hectic city; the honking horns and bustling crowds disappear once you enter the perfectly maintained park, filled with trees and green spaces, ponds, and monuments. It is where the tourists and locals escape for some urban relaxation. The has a long rectangular footprint located in the center of Manhattan, flanked on either side by the Upper West and Upper East Sides, and stretches from 59th street until 110th Street.

I have visited the park on most of my trips to New York, and have seen the park in summer, winter and the fall. Whether you visit when the trees begin to change colour or in the summer when you can spend hours sitting on the grass with hundreds of other locals, there are many ways to experience the park. They often have outdoor concerts, or you could splurge on a horse-drawn carriage. One of my most memorable moments was had while sitting on the grass in the sunshine with the after-work crowd, drinking a fresh Mango Mojito purchased from a mobile bartender who wandered over to us. However you chose to experience Central Park, it is one of the city’s can’t miss attractions.

It is also surrounded by some of the best museums and galleries in the world. The Guggenheim, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Frick Collection and American Museum of Natural History to name a few. These museums are located in the Upper East or West Sides. Inside the Museum of Natural History – where the movie “A Night at the Museum” was based – its possible to see massive stone heads from Easter Island and towering dinosaur bones.

It’s always fun to re-live old adventures, and I’ve enjoyed going back into my archives to explore some of my favourite pictures from the many trips that I’ve taken to New York. I still have friends who live in the city, so there is always a new adventure to this magical city in the works. Norma has never visited New York, so I’m really looking forward to sharing one of my favourite cities with the woman that I love. Until next time New York…

Central Park:


Essex House. 2008


Upper West Side Reflection. 2013.


American Natural History Museum. 2013.


Rapa Nui. 2013.


The Sheep Meadow. 2008.


Central Park from Above. 2008.


City vs Nature. 2008.


Tyrannosaurus Rex inside American Natural History Museum. 2013.


Central Park with Midtown in the background. 2008.


Central Park Fountain. 2013.


Upper East Side. 2013.


Inside the American Natural History Museum. 2013.


The Guggenheim Museum. 2013.


Fall Colours of New York. 2013.


Central Park from Above at Sunset. 2008.


Fall Colours in Central Park. 2013.


Midtown vs Nature. 2008.


Upper West Side / Central Park West. 2013.


Central Park Arched Walking Path. 2013.


Stegosaurus Bones inside the American Natural History Museum. 2013.


Central Park Pathway. 2013.


Central Park Plaza. 2013.

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