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Two Days in Mexico City

Standing at the top of the Torre Latinoamericana was when you truly begin to appreciate how big Mexico City is. The views are spectacular from above, and you can see the city stretching out in all directions. There are over 20 million people live inside of “Greater Mexico City” (with 8 million in the smaller city limits). It is the second largest city in the Americas and the largest Spanish speaking city in the world. It’s pretty big.

The city is located in the Valley of Mexico and is essentially built on top of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan (which was founded around 1400 ADE). The city has a vibrant pulse, with an amazing culinary scene, many plazas, and public spaces, and is one of the cultural capitals of Mexico. There is a lot of culture and history that stretches back well before the Spanish arrived. To assume there is a lot to do while visiting the city is an understatement – we didn’t even scratch the surface.

There are many pre-colonial archeological sites – including the massive nearby city of Teotihuacan – located throughout the city limits. The historic center of the city – centered around Plaza Zocalo – is next to the 13th-century Aztec complex known as the Templo Mayor. So the mix of Spanish and Aztec culture can be seen everywhere,


The Palacio Bellas Artes, as seen from above. 2017,

The city is known as CDMX to the locals – a shortened form of “Ciudad de Mexico” – and is a modern-day Megacity – there is enough to keep any visitor occupied for however long they might choose to stay.


We only had 2 days to explore the city and we tried to make the best of it. We were staying close to the center of town with friends of Norma’s, and it was the perfect place to be able to explore the city. We spent one day in the historic center, visiting the central sights such as Calle Reforma, the Palacio Bellas Artes and the Modern History Museum. On our second day, we took a day trip to see the pre-Aztec city of Teotihuacan.

It’s hard to even scratch the surface of a city this big during such a short period of time. This was the end of our two-week trip traveling around Mexico, and from here we would be flying to Lima to spent another 6-weeks traveling around South America.



Two Days in Mexico City:

This was the last stop before we hopped continents and traveled south to South America. We only had two days to explore Mexico City and we made the best of it! We spent one day wandering around downtown and another exploring Teotihuacan. There is so much art, food, and culture around every corner. Mexico City was a wonderful place to explore.


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