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Happy Birthday Norma!

Travel Journal #4 is a special one! Today, on this fine Monday morning on Cozumel, we are here to celebrate everything Norma! Her smile and personality are infectious – she brings happiness to others, her passion for life inspires people around her, and much like a fine wine, she gets even better with age. April 23rd is her birthday, and it was the most important thing that I could write a post about; I could not think of anything more important than honouring everything that makes Norma amazing!

So today, we are all just going to take a moment to appreciate how great Norma is! She makes me so happy, and I wanted to share just a slice of that happiness with the rest of the world! The two of us met in January of 2017 and our lives haven’t been the same since. We make a great team!

She makes up half of Travel Around the Galaxy, and let’s be honest; she’s the most important part. We have now traveled together to 8 different countries over the last 15 and a half months on countless adventures across the Riviera Maya and beyond. Let’s hope this next 15 months (and forever after) brings us to many more exciting and exotic places! Here are just a few of my favourite Norma-themed pictures from these amazing adventures!

Norma, I love you so mucho! Feliz Cumpleanos!


Happy Birthday, Norma!


Conquering Pyramids. 2017. 


The rugged coastline at the Paracas National Reserve in Peru. 2017.


Bacalar. 2017.


Our first adventure “date” on Isla Mujeres. 2017. 


Together at Xpu-Ha Beach. 2017.


Taking pictures of Norma taking pictures in Puno, Peru. 2017.


Teotihuacan (& the Pyramid of the Sun) just outside of Mexico City. 2017.


This was last year during our trip to Isla Holbox for Norma’s birthday. 2017.


Enjoying the sunset on Cozumel last weekend. 2018.


Hanging out with rusted old trains on the Salar de Uyuni. 2017.


Our first international trip together was Cuba. 2017.


Side by Side on Isla Holbox. 2017.

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